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About the Michigan Series

During Xmas New Year 2000, I visited two artists in Branch, Michigan who live in the woods off the grid, inside a rustic and cozy cabin made from found and recycled materials.

The 'Michigan Series,' a body of drawings made from potato prints, chalk and oil pastels, was created during this two week stay.

We spent every day making art from morning until night with lots of breaks for delicious homemade food, drink and walks through the snow. We made a six foot igloo where we celebrated our transition into the new millennium.

My time in Michigan was one of the most inspired and prolific creative experiences I have had. I was reminded how beautiful and protective the winter can be, especially in a remote environment. How freeing and fun it can be to intimately share the process of art-making. This period christened my return to using real-pigments.

Many of the pieces in this series were a hilariously collaborative lack of efforts from Catherine and artist Nadine H.

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